Presentation Title: Busy World, Calm Mind: 10 Mindfulness techniques to help your clients alleviate stress and anxiety

Summary: Do your clients ask for “tools” and “strategies”? Looking for something simple to teach your clients to manage their stress? This presentation will review 10 mindfulness techniques and how to integrate them into your practice. Learn the basics behind mindfulness theory as it relates to Buddhism and cognitive therapy, as well as evidence-based practices to reduce anxiety, calm the mind, and live more meaningfully in the present.

Speaker: Kathryn Soule, Phd, LPC

Kathryn Soule, Phd, LPC is a licensed counselor specializing in EMDR and mindfulness tools to help clients through trauma, anxiety, and stress. She received her masters degree in psychology from Columbia University and her doctorate in counseling from Texas Tech. She has become a frequent speaker on using mindfulness theory and techniques with clients, having first discovered the power of the present through Buddhist meditation classes. She maintains a private practice in southwest Fort Worth helping adults through difficult life transitions, and she enjoys daily walks, afternoon coffee, and swing dancing.

Katie Soule, PhD, LPC

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